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Monographoflorie00miva 0206b Coriphilus ultramarinus

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Superphylum: Deuterostomia
Phylum: Chordata
Cladus: Craniata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata
Superclassis: Tetrapoda
Cladus: Reptiliomorpha
Cladus: Amniota
Classis: Reptilia
Cladus: Eureptilia
Cladus: Romeriida
Subclassis: Diapsida
Cladus: Sauria
Infraclassis: Archosauromorpha
Cladus: Crurotarsi
Divisio: Archosauria
Subsectio: Ornithodira
Subtaxon: Dinosauromorpha
Cladus: Dinosauria
Ordo: Saurischia
Cladus: Theropoda
Cladus: Neotheropoda
Infraclassis: Aves
Cladus: Euavialae
Cladus: Avebrevicauda
Cladus: Pygostylia
Cladus: Ornithothoraces
Cladus: Euornithes
Cladus: Ornithuromorpha
Cladus: Ornithurae
Cladus: Carinatae
Parvclassis: Neornithes
Cohors: Neognathae
Ordo: Psittaciformes

Familia: Psittaculidae
Subfamilia: Loriinae
Genus: Vini
Species: Vini ultramarina

Vini ultramarina (Kuhl, 1820)

Origninal combination:Psittacus ultramarinus


Nova acta physico-medica Academiae Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae Naturae Curiosum 10 p. 49 BHL
Vini ultramarina – Taxon details on Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).
IUCN: Vini ultramarina (Critically Endangered)

Vernacular names
Cymraeg: Lori ddulas
Deutsch: Ultramarinlori
English: Ultramarine lorikeet
suomi: Sinilurikki
français: Lori ultramarin
日本語: コンセイインコ
Nederlands: Hemelsblauwe lori
polski: Loreczka błękitna
پنجابی: الٹرامیرین طوطا
русский: Ультрамариновый лори-отшельник
svenska: ultramarinlorikit
中文: 深藍吸蜜鸚鵡

The ultramarine lorikeet (Vini ultramarina) is a species of parrot in the family Psittaculidae, endemic to the Marquesas Islands. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, subtropical or tropical moist montane forest and plantations. It is threatened mainly by introduction of the black rat and also by deforestation.

Distribution and Population

During the 1970s, the bird was still prevalent on its natural range of Fatu Hiva, Ua Pou, Nuku Hiva, and Ua Huka in the Marquesas Islands. However, due to heavy deforestation and predation by the invasive black rat and cat, the ultramarine lorikeet became extinct on Fatu Hiva, Ua Pu, and Nuku Hiva by 2008. Nowadays, the rare bird only remains on Ua Huka. On Ua Huka, the population is estimated to be at about 1,000-2,499 individual birds.
Vini Ultramarina - Ua Huka - Hane - Marquesas Islands

Vini ultramarina feeds on a large variety of nectar, pollen, and flowers from various flowering trees. It seems to prefer flowers of the coconut palm and Hibiscus tilliaceus. The bird's diet also includes multiple fruits and insects. The ultramarine lorikeet nests in tree cavities, especially in Artocarpus altilis, Pometia pinnata, Pandanus tectorius, and Hibiscus tilliaceus. Little else is little known about this rare species.

The ultramarine lorikeet is greatly threatened by the predation from the black rat which has greatly decreased its population since its introduction to Nuku Hiva since 1915. All islands have been devastated by extremely high levels of grazing and fire. Most of the original dry forest has been reduced to grassland, and terrible damage has been caused to upland forests as well. Deforestation to make way for farms, logging, and tourism has also had large impact in the decline of its population.

BirdLife International (2018). "Vini ultramarina". IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. 2018: e.T22684647A132055913. doi:10.2305/IUCN.UK.2018-2.RLTS.T22684647A132055913.en. Retrieved 15 November 2021.

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