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Lapparentophis (meaning "Lapparent's snake") is an extinct genus of terrestrial ophidian known from the Kem Kem Beds of Northwestern Africa (Algeria, Morocco & Sudan) that was first described by Robert Hoffstetter in 1959.[1] Two species are known: the type species, L. defrennei from Algeria,[1] and a second species, L. ragei from Morocco, which is only known from the holotype MHNM.KK387 and the paratype MHNM.KK388, two isloated trunk vertebrae.[2]

Lapparentophis was probably the sister taxon of the slightly younger Pouitella from the Cenomanian of France.[2][3] Lapparentophis was initially believed to have been a snake, but later studies have found it to fall under Ophidia,[2] the clade which Serpentes also belongs to.

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