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Vertigo pygmaea

Vertigo pygmaea (*)

Vertigo pygmaea, common name the "crested vertigo", is a species of minute air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Vertiginidae, the whorl snails.

Shell description
Drawing of a shell of Vertigo pygmaea

The shell is extremely small, oval-cylindric and obtuse at the summit, of a more or less deep brown, smooth and dull. The spire consists of five whorls.[2]

The aperture is scarcely longer than wide, and nearly round, furnished with four teeth, of which the superior is acute, two deeply placed inferior, and finally one on the columellar margin. A fifth tooth is often found in the base of the aperture. The lateral margin is slightly angular in the middle. Peristome is reflected below. The umbilical crevice quite pronounced.[2]

This snail lives under hedges.[2]

This species occurs in Europe in the following countries and islands:

Czech Republic
Great Britain
and others

And in America, in various places including:

Michigan - special concern, see List of threatened fauna of Michigan


This article incorporates public domain text from reference.[2]

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