Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Fungi
Subregnum: Zoopagomyceta
Divisio: Zoopagomycota
Subdivisio: Zoopagomycotina
Classis: Zoopagomycetes
Ordo: Zoopagales
Familia: Zoopagaceae
Genus: Acaulopage
Species: A. acanthospora – A. aristata – A. baculispora – A. bicornis – A. ceratospora – A. cercospora – A. crobylospora – A. dactylophora – A. dasyspora – A. dichotoma – A. gomphoclada – A. gyrinodes – A. hystricospora – A. ischnospora – A. lasiospora – A. longicornis – A. lophospora – A. macrospora – A. marantica – A. retusa – A. rhaphidospora – A. rhicnospora – A. stenospora – A. tenuicornis – A. tetraceros – A. tigrina – A. trachyspora

Acaulopage Drechsler, 1935

Index Fungorum: IF 20002

Acaulopage is a genus in the former Zygomycota that preys on amoeba.


Species of Acaulopage are characterized by coenocytic hyphae that have patches of yellowish adhesive patches used to capture amoeba.[2] Conidia are borne directly on the hyphae[1] and vary widely in morphology. Many bear one to many empty appendages.[2] For example, A. marantia conidia have a single appendage;[2] A. tetraceros conidia have an average of four appendages;[1] and, A. lasiospora conidia are covered in appendages.[3] Zygospores are globose with ornamented walls.[2]

Species are often recovered from soil or leaf litter placed on agar in Petri dishes. Acaulopage tetroceros is the most commonly reported species.[4][5]

According to Gerald L. Benny, there are 27 species of Acaulopage.[2]

Acaulopage acanthospora Drechsler 1938
Acaulopage aristata Jones 1959
Acaulopage baulispora Drechsler 1948
Acaulopage ceratospora Drechsler 1935
Acaulopage cercospora Drechsler 1936
Acaulopage crobylospora Drechsler 1947
Acaulopage dactylophora Drechsler 1955
Acaulopage dasyspora Drechsler 1955
Acaulopage dichotoma Drechsler 1945
Acaulopage gomphoclada Drechsler 1942
Acaulopage gyrinoides Drechsler 1948
Acaulopage hystricospora Drechsler 1946
Acaulopage ischnospora Drechsler 1947
Acaulopage lasiospora Drechsler 1942
Acaulopage longicornis Drechsler 1955
Acaulopage lophospora Drechsler 1946
Acaulopage macrospora Drechsler 1935
Acaulopage marantica Drechsler 1939
Acaulopage retusa Jones 1959
Acaulopage rhaphidospora Drechsler 1935
Acaulopage rhicnospora Drechsler 1935
Acaulopage stenospora Drechsler 1941
Acaulopage tenuicornis Drechsler 1959
Acaulopage tetraceros Drechsler 1935
Acaulopage tigrina C. Ciccicone 1989
Acaulopage trachyspora Drechsler 1959


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