Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Fungi
Subregnum: Dikarya
Divisio: Ascomycota
Subdivisio: Pezizomycotina
Classis: Arthoniomycetes
Ordines: Arthoniales - Lichenostigmatales

Arthoniomycetes sensu (O.E. Erikss. & Winka, 1997)

Myconet 1: 4


Index Fungorum: IF 804670

Vernacular names
中文: 星裂菌纲

Arthoniomycetes are a class of ascomycete fungi. It includes two orders: Arthoniales and Lichenostigmatales.[2] Most of the taxa in these orders are tropical and subtropical lichens.

Phylogenetic analysis supports the monophyly of this class.[3] Dothideomycetes is a sister group.[4]

Taxa have apothecia, cup- or saucer- shaped ascoma in which the hymenium is exposed at maturity. These apothecia are bitunicate - with clearly differentiated inner and outer walls.

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