Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Fungi
Subregnum: Dikarya
Divisio: Basidiomycota
Subdivisio: Ustilaginomycotina
Classis: Ustilaginomycetes
Ordines: UleiellalesUrocystalesUstilaginalesViolaceomycetales

Genus (incertae sedis): Capitulocladosporium

Ustilaginomycetes Warm., Haandb. Syst. Bot.: 57. 1884 (“Ustilagineae”).

Ustilaginomycetidae Julich, 1997

Bauer, R.; Oberwinkler, F.; Vánky, K. (1997). Ultrastructural markers and systematics in smut fungi and allied taxa. Canadian Journal of Botany 75(8): 1273–314. DOI: 10.1139/b97-842
Doweld, A.B. 2001. Prosyllabus Tracheophytorum. Tentamen systematis plantarum vascularium (Tracheophyta) [Prosyllabus Tracheophytorum. Опыт системы сосудистых растений]. LXXX + 110 pp. Moscow: Geos. ISBN 5-89118-283-1. DJVU Reference page.


Index Fungorum: IF 90393
MycoBank: MB 90393

Vernacular names
中文: 黑粉菌纲

Ustilaginomycetes is the class of true smut fungi. They are plant parasites with about 1400 recognised species in 70 genera.[2] They have a simple septum with a septal pore cap, this is different from Agaricomycotina which has a dolipore septum with parenthosome.[3]

Bauer R, Oberwinkler F, Vanky K. (1997). "Ultrastructural markers and systematics in smut fungi and allied taxa". Canadian Journal of Botany. 75 (8): 1273–1314. doi:10.1139/b97-842.
"Definition and description from Tree of Life".

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