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Genetics Society of America

The Genetics Society of America (GSA) is a scholarly membership society of more than 4000 genetics researchers and educators, established in 1931. The GSA is the publisher of the peer-edited scientific journal GENETICS.


The mission of the Genetics Society of America is

to facilitate communication among geneticists,
to promote research that will bring new discoveries in genetics,
to foster the training of the next generation of geneticists so they can effectively respond to the opportunities provided by our discoveries and the challenges posed by them, and
to educate the public and their government representatives about advances in genetics and the consequences to individuals and to society.

The Genetics Society of America endeavors to be the collective voice of its members on subjects where a deep knowledge of genetics and biological science is critically important.

The Genetics Society of America seeks to foster a unified science of genetics and to maximize its intellectual and practical impact.

Current programs

Current programs address these goals by promoting:

Investigation of inheritance and heredity

The GSA advocates funding of research in genetics, primarily through its membership in the Coalition for the Life Sciences (CLS), an organization of leading scientists that fosters public policies to advance basic biological research and its applications in medicine and other fields. The GSA also strives to inform state and national legislators about advances and issues in genetics.

Interaction among geneticists

The GSA organizes and sponsors several conferences for researchers. These include the long-running model organism meetings: Yeast (biennial), C. elegans (biennial), Fungal (biennial) and Drosophila (annual meetings), and the new Society-wide Model Organisms to Human Biology meeting (biennial). The Meetings and Membership Committee welcomes opportunities to sponsor other meetings appropriate to its mission. GENEtics, the Society’s newsletter (published three times a year), keeps members apprised of Society activities.

Communication of discoveries

The GSA publishes GENETICS, the leading journal for geneticists since the first issue in 1916. The GSA is also exploring new opportunities for scientific communication, such as those offered by the organism-specific genetic databases.

Education of students and the public

The GSA’s Education Committee seeks to facilitate the integration of advances in genetics in the K through college curriculum. The GSA communicates to the public advances in genetics and answers to issues by providing expert opinion to the press and others.

The Genetics Society of America recognizes outstanding geneticists with following awards:

The Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal for lifetime contributions to the field of genetics
The Genetics Society of America Medal for outstanding contributions to the field of genetics in the last 15 years
The George W. Beadle Award for outstanding contributions to the community of genetics researchers
The Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education in recognition of significant and sustained impact on genetics education
The Edward Novitski Prize in recognition of extraordinarly creativity and ingenuity in solving problems in genetics.
The DeLill Nasser Awards for Professional Development in Genetics for young geneticists to attend national and international meetings and enroll in laboratory courses.

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