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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Magnoliids
Ordo: Magnoliales

Familia: Annonaceae
Subfamilia: Malmeoideae
Tribus: Miliuseae
Genus: Alphonsea
Species: A. boniana – A. borneensis – A. curtisii – A. cylindrica – A. elliptica – A. gaudichaudiana – A. hainanensis – A. havilandii – A. hortensis – A. javanica – A. johorensis – A. keithii – A. kinabaluensis – A. kingii – A. isthmicola – A. lucida – A. lutea – A. maingayi – A. malayana – A. mollis – A. monogyna – A. orthopetala – A. ovata – A. papuasica – A. philastreana – A. rugosa – A. sclerocarpa – A. sessiliflora – A. siamensis – A. sonlaensis – A. stenogyna – A. tonquinensis – A. tsangyanensis – A. ventricosa – A. zeylanica

Alphonsea Hook.f. & Thomson Fl. Ind. 1: 152. (1855)

Type species: Alphonsea ventricosa (Roxb.) Hook. f. & Thomson Fl. Ind. 1: 152. (1855)


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Alphonsea is a genus of plant in the family Annonaceae. As of April 2014 The Plant List recognises 38 accepted species:[1]

Alphonsea boniana Finet & Gagnep.
Alphonsea borneensis I.M.Turner
Alphonsea curtisii King
Alphonsea cylindrica King
Alphonsea elliptica Hook.f. & Thomson
Alphonsea gaudichaudiana (Baill.) Finet & Gagnep.
Alphonsea glabrifolia Craib
Alphonsea hainanensis Merr. & Chun
Alphonsea havilandii P.J.A.Kessler
Alphonsea hortensis H.Huber
Alphonsea javanica Scheff.
Alphonsea johorensis J.Sinclair
Alphonsea keithii Ridl.
Alphonsea kinabaluensis J.Sinclair
Alphonsea kingii J.Sinclair
Alphonsea lucida King
Alphonsea lutea (Roxb.) Hook.f. & Thomson
Alphonsea madraspatana Bedd.
Alphonsea maingayi Hook.f. & Thomson
Alphonsea malayana P.J.A.Kessler
Alphonsea mollis Dunn
Alphonsea monogyna Merr. & Chun
Alphonsea orthopetala H.Okada
Alphonsea ovata (Scheff.) J.Sinclair
Alphonsea pallida Craib
Alphonsea papuasica Diels
Alphonsea philastreana (Pierre) Pierre ex Finet & Gagnep.
Alphonsea sclerocarpa Thwaites
Alphonsea sessiliflora Merr.
Alphonsea siamensis P.J.A.Kessler
Alphonsea sonlaensis Bân
Alphonsea squamosa Finet & Gagnep.
Alphonsea stenogyna (Diels) J.Sinclair
Alphonsea teysmannii Boerl.
Alphonsea tonquinensis A.DC.
Alphonsea tsangyanensis P.T.Li
Alphonsea ventricosa (Roxb.) Hook.f. & Thomson
Alphonsea zeylanica Hook.f. & Thomson


"Alphonsea". The Plant List. Retrieved 17 April 2014.

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