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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Ordo: Asparagales

Familia: Asparagaceae
Subfamilia: Agavoideae
Genus: Anthericum
Species: A. angustifolium – A. baeticum – A. corymbosum – A. jamesii – A. liliag – A. maurum – A. neghellense – A. ramosum

Nothospecies: A. × confusum

Anthericum L., Sp. Pl. 1: 310. 1753.

Lectotypus: A. ramosum
L., vide Hitchcock, 1929


Liliago L. ex C.Presl, Abh. Königl. Böhm. Ges. Wiss., V, 3: 534. 1845, nom. illeg.
Phalangium Mill., Gard. Dict. Abr. ed. 4. 1754, nom. superfl.
Endogona Raf., Fl. Tellur. 2: 27. 1837.
Pessularia Salisb., Gen. Pl.: 70. 1866.
Phalangites Bubani, Fl. Pyren. 4: 108. 1902.

Native distribution areas:

Northern Europe
Denmark, Sweden.
Middle Europe
Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands †, Poland, Switzerland.
Southwestern Europe
France, Portugal, Spain.
Southeastern Europe
Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey-in-Europe, Yugoslavia.
Eastern Europe
Belarus, Baltic States, Krym, Central European Russia, Ukraine.
Northern Africa
Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Western Sahara.
Northeast Tropical Africa
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somali.
East Tropical Africa
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda.
North Caucasus.
Western Asia
Arabian Peninsula

References: Brummitt, R.K. 2001. TDWG – World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions, 2nd Edition


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Vernacular names
čeština: bělozářka
dansk: Edderkopurt
Deutsch: Graslilien
suomi: Hietaliljat
hornjoserbsce: Lilijanka
magyar: Homokliliom
Nederlands: Graslelie
polski: Pajęcznica
русский: Венечник
slovenčina: jagavka
svenska: Sandliljesläktet

Anthericum is a genus of about 65 species, rhizomatous perennial plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Agavoideae.[3] It was formerly placed in its own family, Anthericeae. The species have rhizomatous or tuberous roots, long narrow leaves and branched stems carrying starry white flowers. The members of this genus occur mainly in the tropics and southern Africa and Madagascar, but are also represented in Europe.[4]

The generic name Anthericum is derived from the Greek word ανθερικος (antherikos), meaning "straw", referring to the narrow leaves.

Only two species are in general cultivation. A number of species are now included in the genus Chlorophytum, the Spider Plant, a familiar and popular house plant. Others, including the St. Bruno's Lily, are now classed in the genus Paradisea.
Selected species

Anthericum acuminatum Rendle
Anthericum baeticum
Anthericum falcatum L.f.
Anthericum japonicum Thunb.
Anthericum liliago L. – St. Bernard's lily
Anthericum ramosum L.[5]

Formerly placed here

Arthropodium cirrhatum (G.Forst.) R.Br. (as A. cirrhatum G.Forst.)
Bulbine frutescens (L.) Willd. (as A. frutescens L.)
Bulbine longiscapa (Jacq.) Willd. (as A. longiscapum Jacq.)
Bulbinella hookeri (Colenso ex Hook.) Cheeseman (as A. hookeri (Colenso ex Hook.) Hook.f.)
Bulbinella nutans subsp. nutans (as A. nutans Thunb.)
Chlorophytum bichetii (Karrer) Backer (as A. bichetii hort. ex Backer, nom. inval.)
Chlorophytum capense (L.) Voss (as A. elatum Aiton)
Chlorophytum macrophyllum (A.Rich.) Asch. (as A. macrophyllum A.Rich.)
Eccremis coarctata (Ruiz & Pav.) Baker (as A. coarctatum Ruiz & Pav.)
Echeandia flavescens (Schult. & Schult.f.) Cruden (as A. flavescens Schult. & Schult.f. and A. torreyi Baker)
Drimia fragrans (Jacq.) J.C.Manning & Goldblatt (as A. fragrans Jacq.)
Drimia physodes (Jacq.) Jessop (as A. physodes Jacq.)
Narthecium ossifragum (L.) Huds. (as A. ossifragum L.)
Pasithea caerulea (Ruiz & Pav.) D.Don (as A. caeruleum Ruiz & Pav.)
Simethis planifolia (Vand. ex L.) Gren. & Godr. (as A. planifolium Vand. ex L.)[5]


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