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Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Magnoliopsida
Ordo: Magnoliales
Familia: Annonaceae
Genus: Artabotrys
Species: Artabotrys hexapetalus


Artabotrys R.Br.


Artabotrys There are over 100 species of Old World tropics, with 31 species in Africa. It is part of the custard family. All are woody small trees or shrubs with recurved hooks with a tendency to climb. Leaves are simple and alternate, without hairs. Bisexual flowers are borne singly or in cluster opposite the leaves, the stalks thick and hooked. The flowers are 6-petalled, scented, with many stamens. Each ovary comprises 6 separate units, each becoming fleshy.


Propagate from fresh seeds or half-hardened short cuttings taken in spring.


Artabotrys hexapetalus
Artabotrys odoratissimus
Artabotrys uncinatus


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