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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Pooideae
Tribus: Stipeae
Genus: Austrostipa
Species: A. acrociliata – A. aphylla – A. aquarii – A. aristiglumis – A. bigeniculata – A. blackii – A. blakei – A. breviglumis – A. campylachne – A. centralis – A. compressa – A. crinita – A. curticoma – A. densiflora – A. dongicola – A. drummondii – A. echinata – A. elegantissima – A. eremophila – A. exilis – A. feresetacea – A. flavescens – A. geoffreyi – A. gibbosa – A. hemipogon – A. juncifolia – A. lanata – A. macalpinei – A. metatoris – A. mollis – A. muelleri – A. multispiculis – A. mundula – A. nitida – A. nivicola – A. nodosa – A. nullanulla – A. nullarborensis – A. oligostachya – A. petraea – A. pilata – A. platychaeta – A. plumigera – A. puberula – A. pubescens – A. pubinodis – A. pycnostachya – A. ramosissima – A. rudis – A. scabra – A. semibarbata – A. setacea – A. stipoides – A. stuposa – A. tenuifolia – A. trichophylla – A. tuckeri – A. variabilis – A. velutina – A. verticillata – A. vickeryana – A. wakoolica

Austrostipa S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett, Telopea 6: 584 (1996)

Type species: Austrostipa mollis (R.Br.) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett, Telopea 6: 587 (1996)


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Vernacular names
English: Spear Grasses

Austrostipa is a primarily Australian genus of plants in the grass family, commonly called speargrass.[1][2][3][4]

The genus includes species formerly included in the genus Stipa. All known species are native to Australia, most of them found nowhere else. One species (A. variabilis) is, however, found in South Africa as well as in Australia, and two species (A. setacea + A. stipoides) are native to Australia and New Zealand.[5] The group likely originated in Australia approximately 20 million years ago.[6]


Austrostipa acrociliata
Austrostipa aphylla
Austrostipa aquarii
Austrostipa aristiglumis
Austrostipa bigeniculata
Austrostipa blackii
Austrostipa blakei
Austrostipa breviglumis
Austrostipa bronwenae
Austrostipa campylachne
Austrostipa centralis
Austrostipa compressa
Austrostipa crinita
Austrostipa curticoma
Austrostipa densiflora
Austrostipa dongicola
Austrostipa drummondii
Austrostipa echinata
Austrostipa elegantissima (feather speargrass)
Austrostipa eremophila
Austrostipa exilis
Austrostipa feresetacea
Austrostipa flavescens (coast speargrass)
Austrostipa geoffreyi
Austrostipa gibbosa
Austrostipa hemipogon
Austrostipa jacobsiana
Austrostipa juncifolia
Austrostipa lanata
Austrostipa macalpinei
Austrostipa metatoris
Austrostipa mollis
Austrostipa muelleri
Austrostipa multispiculis
Austrostipa mundula
Austrostipa nitida
Austrostipa nivicola
Austrostipa nodosa
Austrostipa nullanulla (club speargrass)
Austrostipa nullarborensis
Austrostipa oligostachya
Austrostipa petraea
Austrostipa pilata
Austrostipa platychaeta (flatawn speargrass)
Austrostipa plumigera
Austrostipa puberula
Austrostipa pubescens
Austrostipa pubinodis
Austrostipa pycnostachya
Austrostipa ramosissima (stout bamboo grass)
Austrostipa rudis
Austrostipa scabra (speargrass)
Austrostipa semibarbata
Austrostipa setacea (corkscrew grass)
Austrostipa stipoides (prickly speargrass)
Austrostipa stuposa
Austrostipa tenuifolia
Austrostipa trichophylla
Austrostipa tuckeri
Austrostipa variabilis
Austrostipa velutina
Austrostipa verticillata (slender bamboo grass)
Austrostipa vickeryana
Austrostipa wakoolica


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