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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Ordo: Caryophyllales

Familia: Cactaceae
Subfamilia: Cactoideae
Tribus: Cacteae
Genera: AcharagmaAriocarpusAstrophytumAztekiumCochemieaCoryphanthaCumariniaEchinocactusEpithelanthaEscobariaFerocactusGeohintoniaHomalocephalaKadenicarpusKroenleiniaLeuchtenbergiaLophophoraMammillariaNeolloydiaObregoniaPediocactusPelecyphoraRapicactusSclerocactusStenocactusStrombocactusThelocactusTurbinicarpus


Cacteae Rchb., Fl. Germ. Excurs. 2(2): 561 (1832).
Type genus: Cactus L., nom. rej.


Cactinae Britton & Rose, Cactaceae 2: 1 (1920).
Cactineae Bessey in C.K.Adams, Johnson's Universal Cyclop. 8: 462 (1895).

Astrophyteae Horan., Char. Ess. Fam. 143 (1847).
Type genus: Astrophytum Lem.
Astrophytinae Doweld, Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 32: 115 (2000).
Type genus: Astrophytum Lem.
Bravocactinae Doweld, Sukkulenty 1(1): 19 (1998).
Type genus: Bravocactus Doweld
Cochemieinae Doweld, Sukkulenty 3(1–2): 13 (2000).
Type genus: Cochemiea (K.Brandeg.) Walton
Coryphanthinae Britton & Rose, Cactaceae 3: 3 (1923).
Type genus: Coryphantha (Engelm.) Lem.
Echinocacteae Salm-Dyck, Allg. Gartenzeitung 8: 58 (1840).
Type genus: Echinocactus Link & Otto
Echinocactinae Britton & Rose, Cactaceae 3: 77 (1922).
Type genus: Echinocactus Link & Otto
Epithelanthinae Doweld, Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 32: 116 (2000).
Type genus: Epithelantha Weber ex Britton & Rose
Escobariinae Doweld, Sukkulenty 3(1–2): 22 (2000).
Type genus: Escobaria Britton & Rose
Ferocactinae Buxb., Madroño 14: 197. Mai (1958).
Type genus: Ferocactus Britton & Rose
Mammillarieae K.Schum. in Engler & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. III, 6a: 176 (1894).
Type genus: Mammillaria Haw.
Pediocactinae Doweld, Sukkulenty 1(2): 24 (1999).
Type genus: Pediocactus Britton & Rose
Pelecyphorinae Doweld, Sukkulenty 3(1–2): 18 (2000).
Type genus: Pelecyphora Ehrenb.
Sclerocactinae Doweld, Sukkulenty 1(1): 16 (1998).
Type genus: Sclerocactus Britton & Rose
Thelocactinae Buxb., Madroño 14: 196 (1958).
Type genus: Thelocactus (K.Schum.) Britton & Rose
Turbinicarpinae Doweld, Sukkulenty 1(2): 26 (1999).
Type genus: Turbinicarpus Buxb. & Backeb.


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Butterworth, C.A., Cota-Sanchez, J.H. & Wallace, R.S. 2002. Molecular systematics of tribe Cacteae (Cactaceae: Cactoideae): a phylogeny based on rpl16 intron sequence variation. Systematic Botany 27(2): 257–270. JSTOR PDF. Reference page.
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Cacteae is a tribe of plants of the family Cactaceae found mainly in North America especially Mexico.[1] As of August 2018, the internal classification of the family Cactaceae remained uncertain and subject to change. A classification incorporating many of the insights from the molecular studies was produced by Nyffeler and Eggli in 2010.[2]

The classification of cacti is in flux; the following list of genera is that from Nyffeler and Eggli (2010).[2]

Mammillaria – Cochemiea has been split off since Nyffeler and Eggli (2010)[3]
Ortegocactus – since sunk into Cochemiea[3]
Turbinicarpus – Kadenicarpus and Rapicactus have been split off since Nyffeler and Eggli (2010).[4]

The type genus is Mammillaria.

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Breslin, Peter B.; Wojciechowski, Martin F. & Majure, Lucas C. (2021), "Molecular phylogeny of the Mammilloid clade (Cactaceae) resolves the monophyly of Mammillaria", Taxon, 70 (2): 308–323, doi:10.1002/tax.12451
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