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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Bambusoideae
Tribus: Bambuseae
Subtribus: Chusqueinae
Genus: Chusquea
Species: (164)
C. abietifolia – C. acuminata – C. acuminatissima – C. albilanata – C. amistadensis – C. andina – C. anelytra – C. anelytroides – C. angusta – C. angustifolia – C. annagardneriae – C. antioquensis – C. aperta – C. arachniforme – C. argentina – C. aristata – C. aspera – C. asymmetrica – C. attenuata – C. baculifera – C. bahiana – C. bambusoides – C. barbata – C. bilimekii – C. bradei – C. breviglumis – C. caparaoensis – C. capitata – C. capituliflora – C. ciliata – C. circinata – C. coronalis – C. costaricensis – C. culeouC. cumingii – C. cylindrica – C. decolorata – C. deficiens – C. deflexa – C. delicatula – C. depauperata – C. discolor – C. diversiglumis – C. dombeyana – C. elata – C. elegans – C. erecta – C. exasperata – C. falcata – C. fasciculata – C. fendleri – C. fernandeziana – C. fimbriligulata – C. foliosa – C. galeottiana – C. gigantea – C. glauca – C. gracilis – C. grandiflora – C. guirigayensis – C. heterophylla – C. huantensis – C. ibiramae – C. inamoena – C. juergensii – C. laegaardii – C. lanceolata – C. latifolia – C. lehmannii – C. leonardiorum – C. leptophylla – C. liebmannii – C. ligulata – C. linearis – C. londoniae – C. longifolia – C. longiligulata – C. longipendula – C. longiprophylla – C. lorentziana – C. loxensis – C. maclurei – C. macrostachya – C. maculata – C. magnifolia – C. meyeriana – C. microphylla – C. mimosa – C. mollis – C. montana – C. mulleri – C. nana – C. nelsonii – C. neurophylla – C. nigricans – C. nobilis – C. nudiramea – C. nutans – C. oligophylla – C. oxylepis – C. pallida – C. paludicola – C. patens – C. perligulata – C. perotensis – C. peruviana – C. petiolata – C. picta – C. pinifolia – C. pittieri – C. pohlii – C. polyclados – C. pubescens – C. pubispicula – C. pulchella – C. purdieana – C. quila – C. ramosissima – C. renvoizei – C. repens – C. rigida – C. riosaltensis – C. robusta – C. scabra – C. scandens – C. sclerophylla – C. sellowii – C. serpens – C. serrulata – C. silverstonei – C. simpliciflora – C. smithii – C. sneidernii – C. spadicea – C. spathacea – C. spectabilis – C. spencei – C. spicata – C. steyermarkii – C. straminea – C. stuebelii – C. subtessellata – C. subtilis – C. subulata – C. sulcata – C. talamancensis – C. tarmensis – C. tenella – C. tenuiglumis – C. tenuis – C. tessellata – C. tomentosa – C. tonduzii – C. tovarii – C. tuberculosa – C. uliginosa – C. uniflora – C. urelytra – C. valdiviensis – C. villosa – C. virgata – C. vulcanalis – C. wilkesii – C. windischii


Chusquea Kunth, Syn. Pl. Aequin. 1: 254 (1822)
Type species: Chusquea scandens Kunth, Syn. Pl. Aequin. 1: 254 (1822)


Rettbergia Raddi, Agrostogr. Bras.: 17 (1823).
Platonia Kunth, Révis. Gramin. 1: 139 (1829), nom. illeg.
Dendragrostis Nees, Linnaea 9: 487 (1835), nom. nud.
Neurolepis Meisn., Pl. Vasc. Gen. 1: 426 (1843)nom. nov.
Coliquea Steud. ex Bibra, Österr. Akad. Wiss., Math.-Naturwiss. Kl., Denkschr. 5: 115 (1853).
Planotia Munro, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 26: 70 (1868), nom. superfl.
Swallenochloa McClure, Smithsonian Contr. Bot. 9: 106 (1973).


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Chusquea is a genus of evergreen bamboos in the grass family. Most of them are native to mountain habitats in Latin America, from Mexico to southern Chile and Argentina.

They are sometimes referred to as South American mountain bamboos. Unlike most other grasses, the stems of these species are solid, not hollow. Some animals are, to various extents, associated with stands of Chusquea, for example the Inca wren and the plushcap.

Notable species

Chusquea culeou, the chilean feather bamboo or colihue cane, from southern Chile and adjacent western Argentina, is notable as the most frost-tolerant South American bamboo and the only one that has been grown successfully to any extent in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, with successful growth as an ornamental plant north to Scotland. The colihue cane was used by the Mapuches Indians to make instruments and as lances during the War of Arauco.

Chusquea quila (in Spanish quila), in contrast to Colihue, has a spreading or vining growth. It prefers wet places and does not grow above 500 metres (1,600 ft), where C. culeou becomes more dominant. Chusquea quila can form pure stands called quilantales. Very few plants can grow under this species.

The genus Chusquea now includes species formerly classified in Dendragrostis, Rettbergia, Swallenochloa, and Neurolepis. [3] The genus has been organized into three subgenera, subg. Rettbergia, subg. Swallenochloa and subg. Chusquea,[4] although molecular evidence only supports a monophyletic subg. Rettbergia.[5]


Chusquea abietifolia
Chusquea acuminata
Chusquea albilanata
Chusquea amistadensis
Chusquea andina
Chusquea anelythra
Chusquea anelytroides
Chusquea angustifolia
Chusquea antioquensis
Chusquea aperta
Chusquea arachniformis
Chusquea aristata
Chusquea aspera
Chusquea asymmetrica
Chusquea attenuata
Chusquea baculifera
Chusquea bahiana
Chusquea bambusoides
Chusquea barbata
Chusquea bilimekii
Chusquea bradei
Chusquea caparaoensis
Chusquea capitata
Chusquea capituliflora
Chusquea ciliata
Chusquea circinata
Chusquea cordata
Chusquea coronalis
Chusquea costaricensis
Chusquea culeou
Chusquea cumingii
Chusquea cylindrica
Chusquea decolorata
Chusquea deficiens
Chusquea deflexa
Chusquea delicatula
Chusquea depauperata
Chusquea diversiglumis
Chusquea dombeyana
Chusquea elata
Chusquea elegans
Chusquea erecta
Chusquea exasperata
Chusquea falcata
Chusquea fasciculata
Chusquea fendleri
Chusquea fernandeziana
Chusquea foliosa
Chusquea galeottiana
Chusquea gigantea
Chusquea glauca
Chusquea glomerata
Chusquea gracilis
Chusquea grandiflora
Chusquea guirigayensis
Chusquea hatschbackii
Chusquea heterophylla
Chusquea huantensis
Chusquea ibiramae
Chusquea inamoena
Chusquea juergensii
Chusquea laegaardii
Chusquea lanceolata
Chusquea latifolia
Chusquea lehmannii
Chusquea leonardiorum
Chusquea leptophylla
Chusquea liebmannii
Chusquea ligulata
Chusquea linearis
Chusquea londoniae
Chusquea longifolia
Chusquea longiligulata
Chusquea longipendula
Chusquea longiprophylla
Chusquea longispiculata
Chusquea lorentziana
Chusquea loxensis
Chusquea maclurei
Chusquea macrostachya
Chusquea maculata
Chusquea magnifolia
Chusquea meyeriana
Chusquea microphylla
Chusquea mimosa
Chusquea mollis
Chusquea montana
Chusquea muelleri
Chusquea nana
Chusquea nelsonii
Chusquea neurophylla
Chusquea nudiramea
Chusquea nobilis
Chusquea nutans
Chusquea oligophylla
Chusquea oxylepis
Chusquea pallida
Chusquea paludicola
Chusquea patens
Chusquea perligulata
Chusquea perotensis
Chusquea peruviana
Chusquea petiolata
Chusquea picta
Chusquea pinifolia
Chusquea pittieri
Chusquea pohlii
Chusquea polyclados
Chusquea pubescens
Chusquea pubispicula
Chusquea pulchella
Chusquea purdieana
Chusquea quila
Chusquea ramosissima
Chusquea renvoizei
Chusquea repens
Chusquea rigida
Chusquea riosaltensis
Chusquea robusta
Chusquea scabra
Chusquea scandens
Chusquea sclerophylla
Chusquea sellowii
Chusquea serpens
Chusquea serrulata
Chusquea silverstonei
Chusquea simpliciflora
Chusquea smithii
Chusquea sneidernii
Chusquea spadicea
Chusquea spathacea
Chusquea spectabilis
Chusquea spencei
Chusquea spicata
Chusquea steyermarkii
Chusquea straminea
Chusquea subtessellata
Chusquea subtilis
Chusquea subulata
Chusquea sulcata
Chusquea talamancensis
Chusquea tarmensis
Chusquea tenella
Chusquea tessellata
Chusquea tomentosa
Chusquea tonduzii
Chusquea tovari
Chusquea tuberculosa
Chusquea uliginosa
Chusquea uniflora
Chusquea urelytra
Chusquea valdiviensis
Chusquea villosa
Chusquea virgata
Chusquea vulcanalis
Chusquea wilkesii
Chusquea windischii

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Tropicos search for Platonia
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