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Crinum americanum

Crinum americanum (*)

Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Ordo: Asparagales

Familia: Amaryllidaceae
Subfamilia: Amaryllidoideae
Tribus: Amaryllideae
Subtribus: Crininae
Genus: Crinum
Species: Crinum americanum

Crinum americanum L., Sp. Pl. 1: 292. 1753

Lectotypus: Herb. Clifford 127, Crinum No. 1A. (BM), designated by Wijnands, 1983.


Bulbine uncinata Moench, Methodus: 641. 1794.
Crinum americanum subsp. robustum L.S.Hannibal, Bull. Louisiana Soc. Hort. Res. 3: 238. 1972, nom. inval.
Crinum americanum var. traubii (Moldenke) L.S.Hannibal, Bull. Louisiana Soc. Hort. Res. 3: 308. 1972.
Crinum caribaeum Baker, Gard. Chron. 1881(2): 40. 1881.
Crinum ceruleum Raf., Atlantic J.: 164. 1833.
Crinum commelyni DC. in P.J.Redouté, Liliac., t. 322. 1811, nom. illeg.
Crinum conicum M.Roem., Fam. Nat. Syn. Monogr. 4: 67. 1847.
Crinum floridanum Griseb., Fl. Brit. W. I.: 583. 1864.
Crinum herbertianum Schult. et Schult.f. in J.J.Roemer et J.A.Schultes, Syst. Veg. 7: 871. 1830.
Crinum longiflorum Herb., Bot. Mag. 47: t. 2121. 1820.
Crinum roozenianum O'Brien, Gard. Chron. 1891(1): 701. 1891.
Crinum strictum Herb., Bot. Mag. 53: t. 2635. 1826, nom. illeg.
Crinum strictum var. traubii Moldenke, Pl. Life 18: 49. 1962.
Crinum texanum L.S.Hannibal, Bull. Louisiana Soc. Hort. Res. 3: 263, 320. 1972, nom. illeg.
Scadianus multiflorus Raf., Fl. Tellur. 4: 23. 1838.


Crinum × longiflorum Herb. (1837) = Crinum × shepherdii Herb.


Crinum × brownii Herb., nom. inval.
Crinum × elseae L.S.Hannibal, nom. inval.
Crinum × grandiflorum auct.
Crinum × parkeri Herb., nom. inval.

Native distribution areas:

Continental: Northern America
Regional: South-Central U.S.A.
Regional: Southeastern U.S.A.
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina.
Regional: Mexico
Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest .
Continental: Southern America
Regional: Caribbean
Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica.

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Wijnands, O. 1983. Bot. Commelins 36.

Vernacular names
English: Southern swamp Crinum
svenska: Sumpkrinum

Crinum americanum is an aquatic angiosperm native to North America from Texas to South Carolina, as well as Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.[2] Common names for this species include Florida swamp-lily,[3] string lily,[3] and southern swamp crinum.[3] The species grows in small groups in still water habitats.

Crinum species are now members of the family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae;[4] they were formerly placed in the family Liliaceae. They are monocots with six flower petals in white at approximately 10 cm across.

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