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Drosanthemum hispidum

Drosanthemum hispidum

Familia: Aizoaceae
Subfamilia: Ruschioideae
Tribus: Ruschieae
Genus: Drosanthemum
Species: Drosanthemum hispidum

Drosanthemum hispidum (L.) Schwantes, 1927

Drosanthemum hispidum var. platypetalum (Haw.) Schwant.
Mesembryanthemum hispidum L.
Mesembryanthemum hispidum var. platypetalum Haw.

Native distribution areas:

Continental: Africa
Regional:Southern Africa
South Africa (Free State, N-Cape Prov., W-Cape Prov., E-Cape Prov.), Namibia

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Vernacular names
Deutsch: Steifhaarige Mittagsblume
English: Hairy dewflower
español: Rocio purpura

Drosanthemum hispidum (Hairy Dewflower) is a species of perennial herb in the family Aizoaceae (stone plants). They are succulent plants and have a self-supporting growth form and simple, broad leaves. Flowers are visited by Colletes schultzei.[1][2]

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