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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Zingiberales

Familia: Zingiberaceae
Subfamilia: Zingiberoideae
Tribus: Zingibereae
Genus: Hedychium
Species: H. aureum – H. biflorum – H. bijiangense – H. bipartitum – H. boloveniorum – H. bordelonianum – H. borneense – H. bousigonianum – H. brevicaule – H. calcaratum – H. champasakense – H. chayanianum – H. chingmeianum – H. coccineum – H. collinum – H. convexum – H. coronarium – H. cylindricum – H. deceptum – H. densiflorum – H. dichotomatum – H. efilamentosum – H. elatum – H. ellipticum – H. elwesii – H. erythrostemon – H. flavescens – H. flavum – H. forrestii – H. gardnerianum – H. glabrum – H. glaucum – H. gomezianum – H. gracile – H. gracillimum – H. gratum – H. greenii – H. griersonianum – H. griffithianum – H. hasseltii – H. hirsutissimum – H. hookeri – H. horsfieldii – H. intermedium – H. khaomaenense – H. kwangsiense – H. larsenii – H. lineare – H. longicornutum – H. longipedunculatum – H. longipetalum – H. luteum – H. macrorrhizum – H. malayanum – H. marginatum – H. matthewii – H. menghaiense – H. menglianense – H. muanwongyathiae – H. muluense – H. nagamiense – H. neocarneum – H. nutantiflorum – H. paludosum – H. parvibracteatum – H. pauciflorum – H. peregrinum – H. philippinense – H. phuluangense – H. poilanei – H. puerense – H. putaoense – H. pynursulaeanum – H. qingchengense – H. radiatum – H. raoi – H. robustum – H. roxburghii – H. samuiense – H. satyanarayanum – H. siamense – H. simaoense – H. sirirugsae – H. speciosum – H. spicatum– H. stenopetalum – H. tenellum – H. tengchongense – H. thaianum – H. thyrsiforme – H. tienlinense – H. tomentosum – H. venustum – H. villosum – H. viridibracteatum – H. wardii – H. ximengense – H. yungjiangense – H. yunnanense

Artificial nothospecies: H. × moorei – H. × wilkeanum

Natural nothospecies: H. × natmataungense

Hedychium J.Koenig in A.J.Retzius, Observ. Bot. 3: 73, 1783.

Type species: Hedychium coronarium J.Koenig


Gandasulium Rumph. ex Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 690. 1891.
Brachychilum (R.Br. ex Wall.) Petersen, Bot. Tidsskr. 18: 262. 1893.
Type species: Brachychilum horsfieldii (R.Br. ex Wall.) Petersen
Gamochilus T.Lestib., Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., II, 15: 341. 1841.
Type species: Gamochilus speciosus T.Lestib.


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Hedychium is a genus of flowering plants in the ginger family Zingiberaceae, native to lightly wooded habitats in Asia. There are approximately 70-80 known species, native to India, Southeast Asia, and Madagascar. Some species have become widely naturalized in other lands, and considered invasive in some places.[1][2]

The genus name Hedychium is derived from two ancient Greek words, hedys meaning "sweet" and chios meaning "snow". This refers to the fragrant white flower of the type species H. coronarium.[3] Common names include garland flower, ginger lily, and kahili ginger.

Members of the genus Hedychium are rhizomatous perennials, commonly growing 120–180 cm (47–71 in) tall. Some species are cultivated for their exotic foliage and fragrant spikes of flowers in shades of white, yellow and orange.[4] Numerous cultivars have been developed for garden use, of which 'Tara' has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.[5][6] Though reasonably hardy down to −10 °C (14 °F), it requires a sheltered position and a deep mulch in winter.

Selected species
Hedychium chrysoleucum Hook.

Hedychium aureum C.B.Clarke & G.Mann ex Baker
Hedychium chingmeianum N.Odyuo & D.K.Roy
Hedychium chrysoleucum Hook. - gold spot ginger lily
Hedychium coccineum Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.
Hedychium coronarium J.Koenig
Hedychium deceptum N.E.Br. (synonym - H. rubrum)
Hedychium densiflorum
Hedychium elatum R.Br. ex Ker Gawl.
Hedychium ellipticum Buch.-Ham. ex Sm. - shaving brush ginger
Hedychium flavum Roxb.
Hedychium flavescens Carey ex Roscoe
Hedychium forrestii Diels (synonym - H. dekianum A.S.Rao & D.M.Verma
Hedychium gardnerianum Sheppard ex Ker Gawl.
Hedychium gomezianum Wall.
Hedychium gracile Roxb. - Salmon ginger lily
Hedychium greenii W.W.Sm.
Hedychium griersonianum R.M.Sm.
Hedychium griffithianum Wall.
Hedychium larsenii Dan & C.S.Kumar
Hedychium longipedunculatum A.R.K.Sastry & D.M.Verma
Hedychium marginatum C.B.Clarke
Hedychium nagamiense Sanoj, M.Sabu & V.P.Thomas
Hedychium raoii
Hedychium samuiense
Hedychium spicatum Sm.- called kapur kachari in Hindi
Hedychium stenopetalum Lodd.
Hedychium thyrsiforme
Hedychium urophyllum Lodd.
Hedychium villosum Wall.
Hedychium wardii C.E.C. Fisch. (synonym - H. efilamentosum Hand.-Mazz.)
Hedychium ziroense V.Gowda & Ashokan[7]

Taxonomy and phylogeny

In 2000, Tom Wood et al. published the first phylogeny of the genus Hedychium represented by 29 taxa.[8]
Reproductive biology

Hedychium has multiple modes of reproduction: sexual, via rhizomes and via bulbils. Some species of Hedychium are reported to exhibit facultative vivipary.[9]
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List of plants known as lily


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