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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Ordo: Chloranthales

Familia: Chloranthaceae
Genus: Hedyosmum
Species: H. angustifolium – H. anisodorum – H. arborescens – H. bonplandianum – H. brasiliense – H. brenesii – H. burgerianumH. correanum – H. costaricense – H. crenatum – H. cuatrecazanum – H. cumbalense – H. dombeyanum – H. gentryi – H. goudotianum – H. huascari – H. intermedium – H. lechleri – H. luteynii – H. maximum – H. mexicanum – H. narinoense – H. neblinae – H. nutans – H. orientale – H. parvifolium – H. peruvianum – H. pseudoandromeda – H. purpurascens – H. racemosum – H. scaberrimum – H. scabrum – H. spectabile – H. sprucei – H. strigosum – H. subintegrum – H. tepuiense – H. translucidum – H. uniflorum

Hedyosmum Sw., Prodr. 5, 84. 1788.

Type species: Hedyosmum nutans Sw. LT designated by N. L. Britton et P. Wilson, Scient. Surv. Porto Rico 5: 232 (1924)


Tafalla Ruiz & Pav
Tafallaea Kuntze

Primary references

Swartz, O. 1788. Nova genera & species plantarum seu Prodromus descriptionum vegetabilium, maximam partem incognitorum quae sub itinere in Indiam Occidentalem annis 1783–87 digessit Olof Swartz. M. D. X+152 pp., index. M.Swederi, Holmiae [Stockholm] etc. BHL Reference page. : 5, 84.


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Vernacular names
中文: 雪香兰属

Hedyosmum is a genus of flowering plants in the family Chloranthaceae. There are about 40 to 45 species. They are distributed in Central and South America and the West Indies, and one species also occurs in southeastern Asia.[1] They are mostly dioecious, except for H. nutans and H. brenesii which are exclusively monoecious, and H. scaberrimum and H. costaricense with both monoecious and dioecious individuals.[2]

Hedyosmum angustifolium
Hedyosmum anisodorum
Hedyosmum arborescens
Hedyosmum bonplandianum
Hedyosmum brasiliense
Hedyosmum brenesii
Hedyosmum burgerianum,
Hedyosmum colombianum
Hedyosmum correanum
Hedyosmum costaricense
Hedyosmum crenatum
Hedyosmum cuatrecazanum
Hedyosmum cumbalense
Hedyosmum dombeyanum
Hedyosmum domingense
Hedyosmum gentryi
Hedyosmum goudotianum
Hedyosmum huascari
Hedyosmum intermedium
Hedyosmum lechleri
Hedyosmum luteynii
Hedyosmum maximum
Hedyosmum mexicanum
Hedyosmum narinoense
Hedyosmum neblinae
Hedyosmum nutans
Hedyosmum orientale
Hedyosmum parvifolium
Hedyosmum peruvianum
Hedyosmum pseudoandromeda
Hedyosmum pungens
Hedyosmum purpurascens
Hedyosmum racemosum
Hedyosmum scaberrimum
Hedyosmum scabrum
Hedyosmum spectabile
Hedyosmum sprucei
Hedyosmum steinii
Hedyosmum strigosum
Hedyosmum subintegrum
Hedyosmum tepuiense
Hedyosmum translucidum
Hedyosmum uniflorum


Antonelli, A., & Sanmartin, I. (2011). Mass extinction, gradual cooling, or rapid radiation? Reconstructing the spatiotemporal evolution of the ancient angiosperm genus Hedyosmum (Chloranthaceae) using empirical and simulated approaches. Systematic Biology, 60(5), 596-615.
Todzia, Carol A. (1988). "Chloranthaceae: Hedyosmum". Flora Neotropica. 48: 1–138. JSTOR 4393804.

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