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East Tropical Africa
Kenya, Tanzania.
South Tropical Africa
Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe.
Southern Africa
KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Provinces.
Western Indian Ocean
Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar, Réunion, Rodrigues.

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Vernacular names

перем коми: Жумеллея
коми: Жумеллея
кырык мары: Жумеллея
удмурт: Жумеллея
中文: 矛唇兰属

Jumellea is an orchid genus with around 40 species native to Madagascar, the Comoros, the Mascarenes, and eastern Africa. In horticulture, it is often abbreviated Jum. It is named after H. L. Jumelle, a French botanist.[2]

Jumellea alionae P.J.Cribb, 2009
Jumellea ambrensis H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea amplifolia Schltr., 1925
Jumellea angustifolia H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea anjouanensis (Finet) H.Perrier, 1941
Jumellea arachnantha (Rchb.f.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea arborescens H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea bathiei Schltr., 1925
Jumellea bernetiana J.-B.Castillon, 2011
Jumellea bosseri Pailler, 2009
Jumellea brachycentra Schltr., 1925
Jumellea brevifolia H.Perrier, 1939
Jumellea comorensis (Rchb.f.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea confusa (Schltr.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea cowanii (Ridl.) Garay, 1972
Jumellea cyrtoceras Schltr., 1918
Jumellea dendrobioides Schltr., 1925
Jumellea densifoliata Senghas, 1964
Jumellea divaricata (Frapp. ex Cordem.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea exilis (Cordem.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea fragrans (Thouars) Schltr., 1914
Jumellea francoisii Schltr., 1925
Jumellea gladiator (Rchb.f.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea gregariiflora H.Perrier, 1939
Jumellea hyalina H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea ibityana Schltr., 1925
Jumellea intricata H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea jumelleana (Schltr.) Summerh., 1951 (publ. 1952)
Jumellea lignosa (Schltr.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea linearipetala H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea longivaginans H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea majalis (Schltr.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea major Schltr., 1925
Jumellea marojejiensis H.Perrier, 1951
Jumellea maxillarioides (Ridl.) Schltr., 1925
Jumellea nutans (Frapp. ex Cordem.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea ophioplectron (Rchb.f.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea pachyceras Schltr., 1925
Jumellea pachyra (Kraenzl.) H.Perrier, 1941
Jumellea pailleri F.Rakotoar., 2011
Jumellea papangensis H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea peyrotii Bosser, 1970
Jumellea phalaenophora (Rchb.f.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea porrigens Schltr., 1925
Jumellea punctata H.Perrier, 1938
Jumellea recta (Thouars) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea recurva (Thouars) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea rigida Schltr., 1925
Jumellea rossii Senghas, 1967
Jumellea similis Schltr., 1925
Jumellea spathulata (Ridl.) Schltr., 1925
Jumellea stenoglossa H.Perrier, 1951
Jumellea stenophylla (Frapp. ex Cordem.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea stipitata (Frapp. ex Cordem.) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea tenuibracteata (H.Perrier) F.P.Rakotoar. & Pailler, 2012
Jumellea teretifolia Schltr., 1925
Jumellea triquetra (Thouars) Schltr., 1915
Jumellea usambarensis J.J.Wood, 1982
Jumellea walleri (Rolfe) la Croix, 2000
Jumellea zaratananae Schltr., 1925


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