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Familia: Lamiaceae
Subfamilia: Nepetoideae
Tribus: Mentheae
Subtribus: Menthinae
Genus: Minthostachys
Species: Minthostachys mollis
Varietates: M. m. var. hybrida – M. m. var. mandoniana – M. m. var. mollis

Minthostachys mollis (Benth.) Griseb., Abh. Königl. Ges. Wiss. Göttingen 19: 235 (1874).

Mentha mollis Benth., Labiat. Gen. Spec.: 182 (1833).
Bystropogon mollis Kunth in F.W.H.von Humboldt, A.J.A.Bonpland & C.S.Kunth, Nov. Gen. Sp. 2: 317 (1818), nom. illeg.

Native distribution areas:

Continental: Southern America
Regional: Western South America
Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
Regional: Southern South America
Colombia, Venezuela

References: Brummitt, R.K. 2001. TDWG – World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions, 2nd Edition
Primary references

Grisebach, A.H.R. 1874. Plantae Lorentzianae. Bearbeitung der ersten und zweiten Sammlung argentinischer Pflanzen des Professor Lorentz zu Cordoba. Abhandlungen der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen 19: 49–279. BHL Reference page. : 19: 235

Additional references

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Vernacular names
العربية: مینتستاچیس مولیس
español: muña
中文: 软薄荷穗

Minthostachys mollis is a medicinal plant restricted to the South American Andes from Peru Venezuela to Bolivia. It is the most variable and widely distributed species of the genus Minthostachys. It is known by the common names muña, tipo, tipollo, or poleo.[1]

Medicinal uses

In the indigenous medicine traditions of the Andes, the plant is made into tea and used medicinally as a carminative and aphrodisiac.

Its common name "muña" comes from Quechua.
Chemical characteristics

The principal components of essential oil are as follows:

piperic acid

In the flowering tops 19 compounds were identified in the essential oil, predominantly 29% neomenthol, 24% menthone, 20% menthol, and 8% piperitone.[1]

Alkire, Ben (1994). "Tipo, Minthostachys mollis (Lamiaceae): an Ecuadorian mint". Economic Botany. 48 (1): 60–64. doi:10.1007/BF02901380. S2CID 5181013.

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