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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Panicoideae
Tribus: Paniceae
Subtribus: incertae sedis
Genus: Sacciolepis
Species: S. africana – S. angustissima – S. arenaria – S. catumbensis – S. chevalieri – S. ciliocincta – S. cingularis – S. curvata – S. cymbiandra – S. fenestrata – S. indica – S. interrupta – S. leptorrhachis – S. micrococcus – S. myosuroides – S. myuros – S. otachyrioides – S. seslerloides – S. striata – S. tenuissima – S. transbarbuta – S. typhura – S. viguieri – S. vilvoides

Sacciolepis Nash in N.L.Britton, Man. Fl. N. States: 89 (1901)
Type species: Sacciolepis striata (L.) Nash, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 30: 383 (1903)


Rhampholepis Stapf in D.Oliver & auct. suc. (eds.), Fl. Trop. Afr. 9: 15 (1917).


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Sacciolepis is a genus of plants in the grass family.[2][3] Cupscale grass is a common name for plants in this genus.[4]

They are widespread in tropical and warmer temperate regions. Many are native to Africa, with others in Asia, Australia, and the Americas.[5][6][7][8][9][10]

These species are annual or perennial and may have rhizomes or stolons. The inflorescence is usually a narrow, dense panicle. They generally grow in moist habitat, such as marshes and streambanks.[7] Sacciolepis is closely related to genus Panicum.[5][6]


Sacciolepis africana - Africa from Senegal to KwaZulu-Natal, Madagascar
Sacciolepis angustissima - from the Guianas to Bolivia + Peru
Sacciolepis antsirabensis - Madagascar
Sacciolepis arenaria - Angola
Sacciolepis catumbensis - Angola, Zambia
Sacciolepis chevalieri - Africa from Senegal to KwaZulu-Natal, Madagascar
Sacciolepis ciliocincta - Africa from Senegal to Sudan + Congo Rep
Sacciolepis cingularis - Sudan, Chad, Congo Rep
Sacciolepis clatrata - Central African Rep
Sacciolepis curvata - eastern + southeastern Africa from Kenya to KwaZulu-Natal; Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka
Sacciolepis cymbiandra - West Africa from Senegal to Nigeria
Sacciolepis fenestrata - Thailand
Sacciolepis indica - glenwood grass, Chase's glenwood grass, Indian cupscale grass - Africa from Guinea to Cape Province; Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Réunion, Indian Subcontinent, East + Southeast Asia, Australia; naturalized in New Zealand, southeastern USA, scattered places in Latin America and Pacific
Sacciolepis interrupta - tropical Asia, tropical Africa
Sacciolepis leptorachis - tropical Africa
Sacciolepis micrococca - tropical Africa, Madagascar
Sacciolepis myosuroides - tropical Africa, Madagascar, tropical Asia, Australia
Sacciolepis myuros - tropical America from central Mexico to Trinidad + Bolivia
Sacciolepis otachyrioides - Colombia (Meta), Venezuela (Amazonas, Apure, Guárico), Guyana (Rupununi), Bolivia (Beni, Santa Cruz), Brazil (Amazonas, Roraima)
Sacciolepis seslerioides - Congo Rep, Zaire, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola
Sacciolepis striata - southeastern USA from Texas to Delaware;[14] Greater Antilles, Mexico (Veracruz, Tabasco), Central America, Trinidad, Venezuela, Guianas, Amapá
Sacciolepis tenuissima - Thailand
Sacciolepis transbarbata - Tanzania, Burundi, Zaire, Zambia, Angola, Malawi, Zimbabwe
Sacciolepis typhura - Africa from Ivory Coast to Eswatini
Sacciolepis viguieri - Madagascar
Sacciolepis vilvoides - Cuba, South America from Venezuela to Uruguay

formerly included[1]

see Hymenachne Panicum

Sacciolepis aurita - Panicum auritum
Sacciolepis donacifolia - Hymenachne donacifolia
Sacciolepis insulicola - Panicum auritum
Sacciolepis longissima - Panicum longissimum
Sacciolepis polymorpha - Panicum auritum
Sacciolepis semienensis - Panicum hymeniochilum


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Biota of North America Program 2013 county distribution map

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