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Scheuchzeria palustris 1

Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Ordo: Alismatales

Familia: Scheuchzeriaceae
Genus: Scheuchzeria
Species: Scheuchzeria palustris

Scheuchzeria palustris L. (1753): 338.

Papillaria palustris Dulac (1867)

Scheuchzeria americana (Fernald) G.N.Jones (1945)
Scheuchzeria asiatica Miq. (1856)
Scheuchzeria calyculata (L.) Scop. (1777)
Scheuchzeria generalis E.H.L.Krause in J.Sturm (1905)
Scheuchzeria paniculata Gilib. (1792)
Scheuchzeria pseudoasphodelus (Jacq.) Scop. (1771)
Scheuchzeria unicapsularis Comm. ex Lam. (1789)


Dulac (1867) Fl. Hautes-Pyrénées: 45.
Govaerts, R. (2011). World Checklist of Scheuchzeriaceae. Facilitated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; [1] Retrieved 2011-11-12.
Linnaeus, C. 1753. Species Plantarum. Tomus I: 338. Reference page.

Vernacular names
čeština: blatnice bahenní
Cymraeg: Brwynen Rannoch
Deutsch: Blumenbinse, Blasenbinse, Blasensimse
English: rannoch rush, pod grass, rannoch-rush
eesti: Rabakas
suomi: Leväkkö
hornjoserbsce: Błótnica, Błótnička
日本語: ホロムイソウ, 幌向草
ქართული: შოიხცერია, შეიხცერია
한국어: 장지채, 醬池菜
lietuvių: Pelkinė liūnsargė
latviešu: purva šeihcerijas
Nederlands: veenbloembies
norsk: Sivblomst
polski: bagnica torfowa, drążnica, błotnica sitowa
slovenčina: blatnica močiarna
svenska: Kallgräs
українська: Шейхцерія болотна
Tiếng Việt: Cỏ băng chiểu
中文: 芝菜, 冰沼草

Scheuchzeria palustris (Rannoch-rush,[2] or pod grass), is a flowering plant in the family Scheuchzeriaceae, in which there is only one species and Scheuchzeria is the only genus. In the APG II system it is placed in the order Alismatales of the monocots.[3]


It is a herbaceous perennial plant, native to cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, where it grows in wet Sphagnum peat bogs. It grows to 10–40 cm tall, with narrow linear leaves alternating up the stem, with a basal sheath. The leaves can be up to 20 cm. The leaf tips are blunt with a conspicuous pore.[4]

It has a creeping rhizome clothed in papery, straw coloured remains of old leaf bases.

The flowers are greenish-yellow, 4–6 mm diameter, with six tepals. They have an inflated sheathing base, 6 stamens and 3 carpels. It flowers from June until August[5][6][7]

There are two subspecies, not considered distinct by all authorities:[6][7][8]

Scheuchzeria palustris subsp. palustris. Northern and eastern Europe, northern Asia.
Scheuchzeria palustris subsp. americana (Fernald) Hultén. Northern North America.


The genus is named after Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, a Swiss naturalist, and his brother, Johann Gaspar Scheuchzer.[9] The species name is from the Latin for a swamp.

The English name refers to its occurrence on Rannoch Moor in central Scotland, the first site in Great Britain the species was known from, and only one where it currently occurs; it is extinct at a few other wetland sites further south in Britain, being found in pools and wet hollows of ancient undisturbed Sphagnum bogs.[10][11]

Flowering plant

Stem with seeds, left; winter stem, right

1796 illustration


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