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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Lamiales

Familia: Acanthaceae
Subfamilia: Acanthoideae
Tribus: Justicieae
Genus: Tetramerium
Sectiones: T. sect. Siphonanthus – T. sect. Tetramerium – T. sect. Torreyella

Species: T. abditum – T. angustius – T. aureum – T. butterwickianum – T. calderonii – T. carranzae – T. costatum – T. crenatum – T. denudatum – T. diffusum – T. emilyanum – T. flavum – T. fruticosum – T. geniculatum – T. glandulosum – T. glutinosum – T. gualanense – T. guerrerense – T. hillii – T. hintonii – T. hispidum – T. langlassei – T. leptocaule – T. macrostachyum – T. mcvaughii – T. nemorum – T. nervosum – T. oaxacanum – T. obovatum – T. ochoterenae – T. ovalifolium – T. ovatum – T. peruvianum – T. platystegium – T. polystachyum – T. racemulosum – T. rubrum – T. rzedowskii – T. sagasteguianum – T. scabrum – T. scorpioides – T. sessilifolium – T. standleyi – T. surcubambense – T. tenuissimum – T. tetramerioides – T. torreyella – T. wasshausenii – T. yaquianum – T. zeta

Tetramerium Nees in Benth., Bot. Voyage Sulphur 147. 1846, nom. cons.
Type species: Tetramerium polystachyum Nees


Nees von Esenbeck, C.G.D. in Bentham, G. (1846) Bot. Voyage Sulphur 147.
Global Biodiversity Information Facility. 2019. GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset. Taxon: Tetramerium. .

Tetramerium is a genus of plants belonging to the family Acanthaceae. It is found mainly in the Americas,[1] especially in tropical dry forests.[2] Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck first described the genus in 1846 after collecting two species (T. polystachyum and T. nervosum) on the journey of HMS Sulphur.[2][3]

There are approximately 60 species in the genus :

Tetramerium abditum
Tetramerium angustius
Tetramerium aureum
Tetramerium butterwickianum
Tetramerium calderonii
Tetramerium coeruleum
Tetramerium costatum
Tetramerium crenatum
Tetramerium denudatum
Tetramerium diffusum
Tetramerium emilyanum
Tetramerium flavum
Tetramerium fruticosum
Tetramerium geniculatum
Tetramerium glandulosum
Tetramerium glutinosum
Tetramerium gualanense
Tetramerium guerrerense
Tetramerium hillii
Tetramerium hintonii
Tetramerium hispidum
Tetramerium jasminoides
Tetramerium langlassei
Tetramerium latifolium
Tetramerium leptocaule
Tetramerium macrostachyum
Tetramerium macvaughii
Tetramerium mcvaughii
Tetramerium montevidense
Tetramerium multiflorum
Tetramerium nemorum
Tetramerium nervosum
Tetramerium oaxacanum
Tetramerium obovatum
Tetramerium ochoterenae
Tetramerium occidentale
Tetramerium odoratissimum
Tetramerium oleaefolium
Tetramerium ovalifolium
Tetramerium ovatum
Tetramerium paniculatum
Tetramerium peruvianum
Tetramerium platystegium
Tetramerium polystachyum
Tetramerium racemulosum
Tetramerium rubrum
Tetramerium rzedowskii
Tetramerium sagasteguianum
Tetramerium scabrum
Tetramerium scorpioides
Tetramerium sessilifolium
Tetramerium standleyi
Tetramerium stipulaceum
Tetramerium surcubambense
Tetramerium tenuissimum
Tetramerium tetramerioides
Tetramerium torreyella
Tetramerium wasshausenii
Tetramerium yaquianum
Tetramerium zeta


Daniel, T. F.; McDade, L. A.; Manktelow, M. & Kiel, C. A. (2008). "The "Tetramerium Lineage" (Acanthaceae: Acanthoideae: Justicieae): Delimitation and intra-lineage relationships based on cp and nrlTS sequence data" (PDF). Systematic Botany. 33 (2): 416–436. doi:10.1600/036364408784571581. S2CID 85891790.
Daniel, T. F. (1986). "Systematics of Tetramerium (Acanthaceae)". Systematic Botany Monographs: 1–134. doi:10.2307/25027630. JSTOR 25027630.
Nees von Esenbeck; C. G. (1846). "Acanthaceae". In G. Bentham (ed.). The botany of the voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur. London: Smith, Elder and Co. pp. 145–149.

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