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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Bambusoideae
Tribus: Arundinarieae
Subtribus: Thamnocalaminae
Genus: Yushania
Species: Yushania brevipaniculata

Yushania brevipaniculata (Hand.-Mazz.) T.P.Yi

Arundinaria brevipaniculata Hand.-Mazz., Anz. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. 57: 237 (1920)
Sinarundinaria brevipaniculata (Hand.-Mazz.) Keng f., Techn. Bull. Natl. Forest. Res. Bur. 8: 1 (1948)
Fargesia brevipaniculata (Hand.-Mazz.) Z.Y.Li & D.Z.Fu, Vasc. Pl. Hengduan Mount. 2: 2163 (1994)
Arundinaria chungii Keng, Icon. Pl. Omeiesium 1: 53 (1944)
Sinarundinaria chungii (Keng) Keng f., Techn. Bull. Natl. Forest. Res. Bur. 8: 1 (1948)
Yushania chungii (Keng) Z.P.Wang & G.H.Ye, J. Nanjing Univ., Nat. Sci. Ed. 1981(1): 93 (1981)
Fargesia chungii (Keng) T.H.Wen & Chou, J. Bamboo Res. 3: 4 (1984)


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