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The p-block of the periodic table of the elements consists of the last six groups minus helium (which is located in the s-block). In the elemental form of the p-block elements, the highest energy electron occupies a p-orbital. The p-block contains all of the nonmetals (except for Hydrogen and Helium which are in the s-block) and semimetals, as well as some of the metals.

The groups of the p-block are:

* 13 (IIIB,IIIA): Boron Group
* 14 (IVB,IVA): Carbon Group
* 15 (VB,VA): Nitrogen Group
* 16 (VIB,VIA): Chalcogens
* 17 (VIIB,VIIA): Halogens
* 18 (Group 0): Noble gases (excluding Helium)

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