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Unbitrium (pronounced /uːnˈbɪtriəm/) is the temporary name of a hypothetical chemical element in the periodic table that has the temporary symbol Ubt and has the atomic number 123. Calculations have shown that 326Ubt would be the most stable isotope.

As of November 2009, no attempt has ever been made to synthesise unbitrium.


The name unbitrium is a systematic element name, used as a placeholder until it is confirmed by other research groups and the IUPAC decides on a name. Usually, the name suggested by the discoverer(s) is chosen.

Fictional references

In the fictional universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this element was apparently discovered and named. The episode "Rascals" depicted a "trans-periodic table," in a schoolroom set, which depicted element number 123 as being named jamesium, symbol Rj, having an atomic weight of 326. The graphic was created by set artists, probably a homage to designer Richard D. James, and listed this element in the fictional "gamma series".

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