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Chemical Communications

Chemical Communications, known as ChemComm, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Published weekly by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). It contains communications (short descriptions of new work requiring rapid publication) of significant work from across the chemical sciences. It also includes feature and focus articles.

As of 2008, the editor of ChemComm is Dr. Sarah Thomas, and the current chair of the Editorial Board is E. Peter Kündig, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.[1]

Chemical biology is an expanding area of the chemical sciences, and chemical biology papers are an important part of the content of ChemComm. ChemComm has been selected by the US National Library of Medicine for inclusion in MEDLINE, thereby increasing its visibility to the biological community. Chemical biology papers published in Chemical Communications are highlighted in Highlights in Chemical Biology, the RSC’s point of access to chemical biology news and research from across all RSC journals.

ChemComm has an impact factor of 5.14 (2007).[2]

ChemComm hosts other RSC publications: Molecular BioSystems; Highlights in Chemical Science; Highlights in Chemical Technology; and Highlights in Chemical Biology.

Subject coverage

Important developments from across the chemical sciences.
Article types

Communications - original scientific work that is of an urgent nature and that has not been published previously. Focus Articles - concise articles on subjects of current topical interest or of cross-disciplinary appeal. Feature Articles - reviews written by leading scientists within their field which summarise recent work from a personal perspective.

Academic and industrial chemists from all areas of the chemical sciences.
See also

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* Molecular BioSystems


1. ^ University of Geneva page for E. Peter Kündig
2. ^ Chemical Communications reaches over 5 for its 2007 Impact Factor!

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