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Journal of Chemical Physics

The Journal of Chemical Physics is a scientific journal that publishes research papers on all areas of chemical physics. Two volumes, each of 24 issues, are published per year. It is published by the American Institute of Physics. The impact factor of the journal in 2008 was 3.149, making it the highest-cited journal in its area.[1]

The editors have been:[1]

* 2008-present: Marsha I. Lester
* 2007–2008: Branka M. Ladanyi
* 1998–2007: Donald H. Levy
* 1983–1997: John C. Light
* 1960–1982: J. W. Stout
* 1958–1959: C. A. Hutchison
* 1956–1957 (Acting): J. E. Mayer
* 1953–1955: C. A. Hutchison
* 1942–1952: J. E. Mayer
* 1933–1941: H. C. Urey


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