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Journal of Chromatography A

The Journal of Chromatography A is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing research papers in analytical chemistry, with a focus on techniques and methods used for the separation and identification of mixtures. The 2008 impact factor of the journal is 3.756.[1]


* J.G. Dorsey - Florida State University
* R.W. Giese - Northeastern University
* C.F. Poole - Wayne State University
* M.-L. Riekkola - University of Helsinki
* P.J. Schoenmakers - University of Amsterdam
* V. Schurig - Universität Tübingen
* N. Tanaka - Kyoto Institute of Technology
* S. Terabe - Shiga, Japan
* P.R. Haddad - University of Tasmania
* S. Fanali - Instituto di Metodologie Chimiche

See also

* Journal of Chromatography B


1. ^ Journal Citation Reports, 2009, published by Thomson Scientific

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