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Journal of Physical Chemistry A

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A is a scientific journal which reports research on the chemistry of molecules - including their dynamics, spectroscopy, kinetics, structure, bonding, and quantum chemistry. It is published weekly by the American Chemical Society.

The most recent impact factor of the journal is 2.918 (2007).[1] In 2004, the journal received an impact factor of 2.639, which ranked it third out of 106 journals in the Physical Chemistry category.[2]

Prior to 1997 the title was simply Journal of Physical Chemistry. Owing to the ever-growing amount of research in the area, in 1997 the journal was split into Journal of Physical Chemistry A (molecular theoretical and experimental physical chemistry) and Journal of Physical Chemistry B (solid state, soft matter, liquids,...). Beginning in 2007, the latter underwent a further split, with Journal of Physical Chemistry C now being dedicated to the burgeoning fields of nanotechnology, molecular electronics, and related subjects.

List of Editors-in-chief

* 1896–1932 Wilder Dwight Bancroft, Joseph E. Trevor
* 1933–1951 S. C. Lind
* 1952–1964 William A. Noyes
* 1965–1969 F. T. Wall
* 1970–1980 Bryce Crawford
* 1980–2004 Mostafa El-Sayed
* 2005– George C. Schatz[3]

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