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Galileo challenges the Catholic Church, saying Copernicus' theory of the Solar System is correct. On February 24 he is forbidden to speak of Copernicus's theories.
March 5 - The work of Copernicus (1473-1543) is forbidden, by the Congregation of the Index, for reading "until corrected" (done in 1620): nine sentences, in which the heliocentric system was represented as certain, had to be either omitted or changed.


Italian Giuliano Bossi invents a double-barreled gun.


October 18 - Nicholas Culpeper, English herbalist (d. 1654)
November 22 - John Wallis, English mathematician who made important contributions to the development of algebra and analytical geometry (d. 1703)


19 March - Johannes Fabricius, Frisian astronomer (b. 1587)
July 25 - Andreas Libavius, German physician (b. 1555).

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1615 - 1616 - 1617

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