The year 1710 in science and technology involved some significant events.


The Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala is founded in Uppsala, Sweden, as the Collegium curiosorum ("College of the Curious").


Edmond Halley, comparing his observations with Ptolemy's catalog, discovers the proper motion of some "fixed" stars.[1][2]

Physiology and medicine

Alexis Littré, in his treatise Diverses observations anatomiques, is the first physician to suggest the possibility of performing a lumbar colostomy for an obstruction of the colon.
Stephen Hales makes the first experimental measurement of the capacity of a mammalian heart.[3]


Jakob Christof Le Blon invents a three-color printing process with red, blue, and yellow ink. Years later he adds black introducing the earliest four-color printing process.


René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur produces a paper on the use of spiders to produce silk.

James Short's telescope

April 15 - William Cullen, Scottish physician and chemist (d. 1790)
25 April 1710 Birth of James Ferguson near Keith, Grampian , Scotland
May 18 - Johann II Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician (d. 1790)
June 10 - James Short, Scottish mathematician and optician (d. 1768)
July 21 - Paul Möhring, German physician and zoologist (d. 1792)
August 20 - Thomas Simpson, English mathematician (d. 1761)
September 3 - Abraham Trembley, Swiss naturalist (d. 1784)
date unknown - William Heberden, English physician (d. 1801), who gave the first description of angina pectoris


February 25 - Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, French explorer (b. c.1639)
25 July 1710 Death of Gottfried Kirch in Berlin, Germany, German astronomer (b. 1639)
September 19 - Ole Rømer, Danish astronomer (b. 1644)
Jean de Fontaney, French Jesuit mathematician and astronomer (b. 1643)


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