The year 1752 in science and technology involved some significant events.


Establishment of Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna, the world's oldest zoo.[1]


Thomas Melvill delivers a lecture entitled Observations on light and colours to the Medical Society of Edinburgh, a precursor of flame emission spectroscopy.
Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov and Mikhail Lomonosov advertise the first hard-paste porcelain to be produced in Russia.[2]


Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment determines that lightning is an electrical phenomenon.


Euler gives his formula for the number of faces, edges and vertices in a polyhedron.[3]


Foundation of what will become the Manchester Royal Infirmary as a cottage hospital in Garden Street, Manchester, England, by Charles White (surgeon).[4]
John Pringle publishes Observations on the Diseases of the Army in Camp and Garrison in London, a pioneering text in modern military medicine.


Copley Medal: John Pringle


May 9 - Antonio Scarpa, Italian anatomist (died 1832)
May 11 - Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, German physiologist and anthropologist (died 1840)
July 7 - Joseph Marie Jacquard, French inventor (died 1834)
September 18 - Adrien-Marie Legendre, French mathematician (died 1833)
Pierre Joseph Bonnaterre, French naturalist (died 1804)


January 4 - Gabriel Cramer, Swiss mathematician (born 1704)
February 9 - Frederik Hasselquist, Swedish traveller and naturalist (born 1722)
April 10 - William Cheselden, surgeon (born 1688)

1752 Death of William Whiston


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