The year 1764 in science and technology involved some significant events.


Lagrange publishes on the libration of the Moon, and an explanation as to why the same face is always turned to the Earth, a problem which he treats with the aid of virtual work, containing the germ of his idea of generalized equations of motion.


Specific and latent heats are described by Joseph Black.


The spinning jenny, a multi-spool spinning wheel, is invented by James Hargreaves in Stanhill, near Blackburn, Lancashire, England.


Copley Medal: John Canton


Early - James Smithson, British mineralogist, chemist and benefactor (d. 1829)
April 3 - John Abernethy, English surgeon (d. 1831)
May 4 - Joseph Carpue, English surgeon (d. 1846)
September 17 - John Goodricke, English astronomer (d. 1786)
November 10 - Andrés Manuel del Río, Spanish chemist (d. 1849)
Maria Medina Coeli, Italian physician (d. 1846)
Approx. date - Alexander Mackenzie, Scottish explorer (d. 1820)


March 17 - William Oliver, English physician (b. 1695)

15 April 1764 Death of Peder Nielsen Horrebow in Copenhagen, Denmark
September 2 - Rev. Nathaniel Bliss, English Astronomer Royal (b. 1700)
November 20 - Christian Goldbach, Prussian mathematician (b. 1690)

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