The year 1777 in science and technology involved some significant events.


Leonhard Euler introduces the symbol i to represent the square root of -1.[1]


probable date - Thomas Arnold of London produces the first watch ("Arnold 36") to be called a chronometer.[2][3]


Copley Medal: John Mudge


February 12 - Bernard Courtois, chemist (died 1838)
30 April 1777 Birth of Carl Friedrich Gauss, mathematician (died 1855)
May 4 - Louis Jacques Thénard, chemist (died 1857)
August 14 - Hans Christian Ørsted, physicist (died 1851)


September 22 - John Bartram, naturalist and explorer considered the "father of American botany" (born 1699)
December 7 - Albrecht von Haller, Swiss anatomist and physiologist (born 1708)


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