The year 1782 in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed here.


Herschel , First Catalog of double stars


December 14 - The Montgolfier brothers first test fly a hot air balloon; it floats nearly 2 km (1.2 mi).[1]


Winter 1782-83 - Antoine Lavoisier and Pierre-Simon Laplace begin to use the world’s first ice calorimeter to determine the heat evolved in various chemical changes (calculations based on Joseph Black’s prior discovery of latent heat), marking the foundation of thermochemistry.


John Arnold patents his improvements in the construction of marine chronometers in Britain.[2]


Copley Medal: Richard Kirwan


June 3 - Charles Waterton, English naturalist and explorer (d. 1865)


January 18 - Sir John Pringle, Scottish-born physician (b. 1707)
March 17 - Daniel Bernoulli, Dutch-Swiss mathematician (b. 1700)

6 May 1782 Death of Christine Kirch in Berlin, Germany

15 May 1782, Death of Eustachio Zanotti in Bologna, Enilia-Romagna, Italy
May 16 - Daniel Solander, Swedish-born botanist (b. 1733)
May 20 - William Emerson, English mathematician (born 1701)


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