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Uncertainty Relation, W. Heisenberg

Expanding universe , cosmological model of Lemaitre
Diffraction of electrons, Thomson , Davisson Germer


8 February 1927 discovery of 1154 Astronomia

11 February 1927 discovery of 1111 Reinmuthia

24 May 1927 discovery of 1117 Reginita

29 August 1927 discovery of 1118 Hanskya

27 October 1927 discovery of 1119 Euboea


1 March 1927 Birth of George Ogden Abell

9 May 1927 Birth of Manfred Eigen

14 April 1927 Birth of Alan Graham MacDiarmid

22 May 1927 Birth of George Andrew Olah

28 June 1927 Birth of Frank Sherwood Rowland

2 October 1927 Death of Svante August Arrhenius

1927 Death of Willem Einthoven

1927 Birth of Anne Laura McLaren

1927 Birth of Theodore Harold Maiman

1927 Death of Ernest Henry Starling

1927 Birth of Eugene Newman Parker

1927 Birth of Emilio Picasso

1927 Birth of Gerard K. O'Neill

Nobel Prize

Physics divided equally between: Arthur Holly Compton for his discovery of the effect named after him and Charles Thomson Rees Wilson for his method of making the paths of electrically charged particles visible by condensation of vapour.

Chemistry to Heinrich Otto Wieland "for his investigations of the constitution of the bile acids and related substances"

Physiology or Medicine to Julius Wagner-Jauregg "for his discovery of the therapeutic value of malaria inoculation in the treatment of dementia paralytica"

Popular Science Feb 1927

Popular Science Jul 1927

Popular Science Aug 1927


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