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Existence of Neutrinos proposed by W. Pauli

Discovery of extraterrestrial radio emission, K. Jansky

Van de Graaf generator
Incompleteness of arithmetic, K. Gödel

Crossing over is identified as the cause of recombination


14 March 1931 discovery of 2650 Elinor


9 May 1931 Death of Albert Abraham Michelson

31 May 1931 Birth of John Robert Schrieffer

9 June 1931, Death of Edouard-Benjamin Baillaud in Bristol, England

8 August 1931 Birth of Roger Penrose

29 September 1931 Birth of James Watson Cronin

1931 Death of Shibasaburo Kitasato

1931 Birth of Drummond Hoyle Matthews

1931 Death of Sir Charles Algernon Parsons

1931 Death of Howard Grubb

1931 Birth of Hermann A. Grunder

1931 Birth of Roger Heering Miller

Nobel Prize

Chemistry to Carl Bosch and Friedrich Bergius "in recognition of their contributions to the invention and development of chemical high pressure methods"

Physiology or Medicine to Otto Heinrich Warburg "for his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme"

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