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1933 — Edward Milne names and formalizes the cosmological principle

Meissner Oschenfeld effect

Jean Brachet is able to show that DNA is found in chromosomes and that RNA is present in the cytoplasm of all cells.


24 March 1933 discovery of 7042 Carver

18 August 1933 discovery of 1848 Delvaux


13 March 1861 Death of Robert Thorburn Ayton Innes in Surbiton, Surrey, England

1 April 1933 Birth of Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

19 April 1933 Death of Ernest William Hobson

22 May 1933 Birth of Chen Jingrun

29 May 1933 Death of William Lewis Elkin in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

23 August 1933 Birth of Robert Floyd Curl, Jr.

1933 Death of John Joly

Nobel Prize

Physics to Erwin Schrödinger and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory.

Physiology or Medicine to Thomas Hunt Morgan "for his discoveries concerning the role played by the chromosome in heredity"

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