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Carlo Perrier and Emilio Segrè perform the first confirmed synthesis of technetium-97, the first artificially produced element, filling a gap in the periodic table. Though disputed, the element may have been synthesized as early as 1925 by Walter Noddack and others

Pyotr Kapitsa, John Allen and Don Misener produce supercooled helium-4, the first zero-viscosity superfluid, a substance that displays quantum mechanical properties on a macroscopic scale.

Eugene Houdry develops a method of industrial scale catalytic cracking of petroleum, leading to the development of the first modern oil refinery

11 October 1937 discovery of 3036 Krat


18 July 1937 Birth of Roald Hoffmann

19 October 1937 Death of Ernest Rutherford

9 December 1937 Death of Nils Gustaf Dalén

31 December 1937 Birth of Avram Hershko

1937 Birth of Roy Billinge

1937 Birth of Bjorn Wilk

1937 Birth of Maury Tigner

1937 Birth of Kurt Hübner

Nobel Prize

Physics awarded jointly to: Clinton Joseph Davisson and Sir George Paget Thomson for their experimental discovery of the diffraction of electrons by crystalsovery of the positron.

Chemistry to Walter Norman Haworth "for his investigations on carbohydrates and vitamin C" and Paul Karrer "for his investigations on carotenoids, flavins and vitamins A and B2"

Physiology or Medicine to Albert von Szent-Györgyi Nagyrapolt "for his discoveries in connection with the biological combustion processes, with special reference to vitamin C and the catalysis of fumaric acid"


1936 - 1937 - 1938

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