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1950 — Fred Hoyle derisively coins the term "Big Bang".

French physicist Alfred Kastler invented MASER

1950 Strong Focusing by Nicholas C. Christofilos

J. Oort's cloud theory


20 April 1950 discovery of 1575 Winifred

5 October 1950 discovery of 1887 Virton

9 November 1950 discovery of 1851 Lacroute


19 March 1950 Death of Walter Norman Haworth

16 May 1950 Birth of Johannes Georg Bednorz

24 August 1950 Birth of Marc Aaronson

10 December 1950 Death of Leslie John Comrie in London, England

1950 Death of Karl Guthe Jansky

1950 Birth of Sir Alec Jeffreys

1950 Birth of Frederick William Twort

1950 Birth of John Seeman

1950 Birth of Valery Ivanovich Telnov

Nobel Prize

Physics to Cecil Frank Powell "for his development of the photographic method of studying nuclear processes and his discoveries regarding mesons made with this method"

Chemistry to Otto Paul Hermann Diels and Kurt Alder "for their discovery and development of the diene synthesis"

Physiology or Medicine to Edward Calvin Kendall, Tadeus Reichstein and Philip Showalter Hench "for their discoveries relating to the hormones of the adrenal cortex, their structure and biological effects"

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