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Discovery of Antiproton, Segrè and Chamberlain


1 April 1955 discovery of 1852 Carpenter


18 April 1955, Death of Albert Einstein in Princeton, New Jersey, USA

11 August 1955, Death of Robert Williams Wood, in Amityville, New York, USA

12 August 1955 Death of James Batcheller Sumner

19 October 1955, Death of Eugène-Joseph Delporte in Uccle near Brussels, Belgium

1955 Death of Egas Moniz, Antonio

1955 Death of Sir Alexander Fleming

Nobel Prize

Physics to Willis Eugene Lamb "for his discoveries concerning the fine structure of the hydrogen spectrum" and Polykarp Kusch "for his precision determination of the magnetic moment of the electron"

Chemistry to Vincent du Vigneaud "for his work on biochemically important sulphur compounds, especially for the first synthesis of a polypeptide hormone"

Physiology or Medicine to Axel Hugo Theodor Theorell "for his discoveries concerning the nature and mode of action of oxidation enzymes"

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