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Jens Skou discovers Na⁺/K⁺-ATPase, the first ion-transporting enzyme

First unmanned orbit of Earth , Sputnik

Many Worlds interpretation, Hugh Everett


18 April 1957 discovery of 2307 Garuda

30 October 1957 discovery of 1125 China

15 December 1957 discovery of 1853 McElroy


8 February 1957 , Death of Walther Wilhelm Georg Bothe

8 February 1957 Death of John von Neumann

18 February 1957 Death of Henry Norris Russell

5 August 1957 Death of Heinrich Otto Wieland

16 August 1957 Death Birth of Irving Langmuir

19 September 1957 , Death of Reginald Aldworth Daly in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Nobel Prize

Physics to Chen Ning Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee "for their penetrating investigation of the so-called parity laws which has led to important discoveries regarding the elementary particles"

Chemistry to Lord (Alexander R.) Todd "for his work on nucleotides and nucleotide co-enzymes"

Physiology or Medicine to Daniel Bovet "for his discoveries relating to synthetic compounds that inhibit the action of certain body substances, and especially their action on the vascular system and the skeletal muscles"

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