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Arecibo 305 m radio telescope

6 May 1963 Death of Theodore von Kármán

9 June 1963 Death of Frederick Albert Saunders in South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA,

12 September 1963 , Death of Mervyn Archdall Ellison in Dublin, Ireland

Nobel Prize

Physics to Eugene Paul Wigner "for his contributions to the theory of the atomic nucleus and the elementary particles, particularly through the discovery and application of fundamental symmetry principles" and to Maria Goeppert-Mayer and J. Hans D. Jensen "for their discoveries concerning nuclear shell structure"

Chemistry to Karl Ziegler and Giulio Natta "for their discoveries in the field of the chemistry and technology of high polymers"

Physiology or Medicine to Sir John Carew Eccles, Alan Lloyd Hodgkin and Andrew Fielding Huxley "for their discoveries concerning the ionic mechanisms involved in excitation and inhibition in the peripheral and central portions of the nerve cell membrane"

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