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Chemical formula NiC31H32N4
Color Pink-purple, reddish-brown
Crystal habit Aggregates - Made of numerous individual crystals or clusters. Platy - Sheet forms (e.g. micas)
Crystal system Triclinic
Cleavage [111] Good
Fracture Fragile - Crystals with a delicate and easily injured structure
Mohs Scale hardness 2-2.5 - Gypsum-Finger Nail
Luster Adamantine to Sub-Metallic
Optical Properties Biaxial
Streak pink
Specific gravity 1.33 - 1.48
Melting point yo
Diaphaneity Translucent
References [1][2][3]

Abelsonite, synonym nickel porphyrin, is a mineral of nickel, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen with formula: NiC31H32N4.[1] It forms purple to reddish brown triclinic crystals. The crystals are soft, with a Mohs scale rating is 2 to 3. It has a low specific gravity of 1.45.

It was first described in 1975 for specimens in oil shale from the Green River Formation, eastern Uintah County, Utah. It is named after Philip Hauge Abelson, an American physicist.


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