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Heinrich Eduard Heine (March 15, 1821–October 21, 1881) was a German mathematician.

Heine was born in Berlin, and became known for results on special functions and in real analysis. In particular, he authored an important treatise on spherical harmonics and Legendre functions (Handbuch der Kugelfunctionen). He also investigated basic hypergeometric series. He died in Halle.

Works by Heinrich Eduard Heine

* De aequationibus nonnullis differentialibus (Berlin, 1842)
* Handbuch der Kugelfunctionen (G. Reimer, Berlin, 1861)
* Handbuch der Kugelfunctionen, Theorie und Anwendungen (Volume 1) (2nd ed., G. Reimer, Berlin, 1878)
* Handbuch der Kugelfunctionen, Theorie und Anwendungen (Volume 2) (2nd ed., G. Reimer, Berlin, 1881)

See also

* Heine-Borel theorem
* Heine-Cantor theorem
* Heine definition of continuity
* Heine's Reciprocal Square Root Identity

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