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Hans Julius Zassenhaus (28 May 1912–21 November 1991) was a German mathematician, known for work in many parts of abstract algebra, and as a pioneer of computer algebra.

He was born in Koblenz–Moselweiss, and became a student and then assistant of Emil Artin. He was subsequently a professor at McGill University, the University of Notre Dame, and Ohio State University, and was one of the founding editors of the Journal of Number Theory. He died in Columbus, Ohio.
Important publications

Hans Julius Zassenhaus (1937), Lehrbuch der Gruppentheorie ("Textbook of group theory")

A famous group theory book based on a course by Emil Artin given at the University of Hamburg during winter semester 1933 and summer semester 1934.
See also

Zassenhaus lemma
Zassenhaus group
Zassenhaus dual expansion
Cantor–Zassenhaus algorithm
Schur–Zassenhaus theorem

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