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Henry Burchard Fine (September 14, 1858 - December 22, 1928) was an American university dean and mathematician.

Fine was born at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and was educated at Princeton (A.B., 1880) and Leipzig (Ph.D., 1885) universities. At Princeton he was assistant professor (1885-'90), then became professor in 1890, and he also was dean of the faculty from 1903-12 and dean of the department of science after 1909.

He was president of the American Mathematical Society in 1911-12.

Fine wrote:

* Euclid's Elements (1891)
* The Number System of Algebra (1891; second edition, 1903) PDF/DjVu copy from Internet Archive.
* A College Algebra (1904)
* Coördinate Geometry, with Henry Dallas Thompson (1909) PDF Copy from University of Michigan Historical Math Collection.
* Calculus (1927)

Fine Hall, the building housing the Mathematics Department at Princeton, was named after him, in recognition of his key role in developing the mathematics faculty.


* Oswald Veblen, Henry Burchard Fine—In memoriam, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 35, (1929), pp. 726-730.


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