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Henry Frederick Baker (July 3, 1866 - March 17, 1956) was a British mathematician, working mainly in algebraic geometry, but also remembered for contributions to partial differential equations (related to what would become known as solitons), and Lie groups.

He was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. He entered St John's College, Cambridge in October 1884 and graduated Senior Wrangler in 1887, bracketed with 3 others. He was elected Fellow of St John's in 1888 where he remained for 68 years.

In 1911, he gave the presidential address to the London Mathematical Society.


* Principles of Geometry (Cambridge: The University Press, 1922)

* Abel's theorem and the allied theory, including the theory of the theta functions (Cambridge: The University Press, 1897)

* An introduction to the theory of multiply periodic functions (Cambridge: The University Press, 1907)

* 1943 An Introduction to Plane Geometry


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