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Michel Rolle (April 21, 1652 – November 8, 1719) was a French mathematician. He is best known for Rolle's theorem (1691).


Rolle was born in Ambert, Basse-Auvergne. In 1675, he moved from Ambert to Paris and was elected in 1685 to join the Académie Royale des Sciences. He became a Pensionnaire Géometre of the Académie (1699). He had then already been given a pension by Jean-Baptiste Colbert after he solved one of Jacques Ozanam's problems.

Rolle was an early critic of infinitesimal calculus, arguing that it was inaccurate, based upon unsound reasoning, and was a collection of ingenious fallacies,[1] but later changed his opinion.[2]

In 1690 he was the first person to adopt Albert Girard's 1629 suggestion for the current standardized notation for the n-th root of a number \displaystyle x, placing the number n within the radical sign:[3][4]

Rolle died in Paris.

Critique of infinitesimal calculus

In a criticism of infinitesimal calculus that predated George Berkeley's, Rolle presented a series of papers at the French academy, alleging that the use of the methods of infinitesimal calculus leads to errors. Specifically, he presented a specific algebraic curve, and alleged that some of its local minima are missed when one applies the methods of infinitesimal calculus. Johann Bernoulli responded by pointing out that Rolle had misrepresented the curve, and that the alleged local minima are in fact singular points with a vertical tangent.


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