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Mykhailo Yehorovych Vaschenko-Zakharchenko (Ukrainian: Миха́йло Єго́рович Ва́щенко-Заха́рченко) (* October 31 (old style) (November 12) 1825, Maliivka, today Zolotonosha Raion Cherkasy Oblast — † August 14 (old style) (August 27) 1912, Kiev) — was a prominent Ukrainian mathematician.


He studied in Zolotonosha uyezd college and the 2nd Kiev Gymnasium. His mathematical education he received partially in the Kiev University, partially in Paris. In 1871 he married Vira Vaschenko-Zakharchenko.

Since 1867 — a professor of the Kiev University. From the start of 1870s Vaschenko-Zakharchenko began to read the course of the projection geometry, and from 1878 — the course of non-Euclidean geometry (basics of the Lobachevsky geometry). In 1880 he published the translation of Beginnings of Euclid with a big introduction where were viewed the main principles of the Lobachevsky geometry.
Scientific works

In 1862 for the first time systematically gave a lecture on the operational calculation and applied it to solve the differential equations.

In 1866 he defended his doctor dissertation Riemann's theory of compound variable functions. That was one of the first works in the Imperial Russia in that field.

Vaschenko-Zakharchenko is also known for working in the history of mathematics.

He is an author of more than dozen textbooks on the analytical geometry, projection geometry, algebra, calculus of variations, and including an important work on the history of mathematics in which he discussed the history of mathematics up to the 15th century.

He worked on the theories of linear differential equations, probability and non-euclidean geometry.

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